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Multimedia and Rich Media Development

 It's no new news that the bridge between the Internet and Television is rapidly being built.  High-speed access and increasing computer speeds are making it possible.

These performance developments allow you to incorporate attractive, motion graphics and multimedia elements into your website.

 We need to be careful, though, that we don't make possible customers who still have lower-speed connections or older computers wait for large downloads. The answer is to place several smaller multimedia elements in various places on your website to add interactivity and impact.

 Flash allows us to incorporate motion graphics and audio into attractive site-introductions and smaller elements in several places on your site.
Here are a few examples:


 This is an attractive way to show your visitors some of the products and services you provide by making the image change every few seconds. This technique keep the viewer's attention to see what image is coming next.
Here are a few examples:


 Pop-up windows sometimes get a bad name when talking about the Internet. Most often, though, this comes from pop-ups appearing from junk emails attacking a user's computer.

However, pop-ups can play a valuable role on a website if properly used.
For example, a link on your site can present a visitor with an enlargement of a product image in a window that allows them to add that item to their shopping cart, thereby achieving your objective. This also keeps the viewer on the main page of the site, behind the pop-up, rather than force them to go back-and-forth between pages.

Click the links below for real-life examples from one of our client's sites.
NOTE: Be sure to close each popup using the CLOSE link on each window.


 This nice touch to your site brings a 'fresh' look to your site when visitors come back to your site, or re-load a page. The images on the page 'rotate', or change when a page is re-loaded or revisited.


 Here is a little interactivity element that changes the image behind the mouse-pointer when the viewer rolls-over the image. Move your mouse over the images below:

 Allowing visitors to download key elements on your site is a great way to bring your business to them. For example, a product catalog in PDF format allows them to now have your latest product line at their fingertips, without you having to spend the resources to take a call, pack and mail it to them.

 Some sites allow the visitor to 'SEE' and 'HEAR' their products and services in action. We can accomplish this by 'streaming' or sending audio and video to the users machine, as opposed to requiring the user to download the audio or video file, which can take a while.

Although this requires a special type of hosting plan, it really delivers a high-impact view. The image below is a link to one of our client site's audio jukebox. It will open in a new window that will allow you to hear a South Florida Entertainment Company in action when you click on the song titles.

 Call us for more multimedia examples...

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